Life as a B&B Owner!

Up on the moorland!

15th November 2018

Winter is fast approaching and with that the quiet season.  We are using this wonderful opportunity to visit the Neolithic sites of Penwith – to enjoy them, but also to record information about them for our guests.  Hopefully by Spring we will know a lot more than we know at the moment! Last week we…

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The ripple effect!

16th September 2018

Today I walked my usual tread to Kenidjack castle; all that remains of an iron age hill fort set in isolation on the very edge of the Atlantic.  I felt for the first time the change in the season from late Summer to early Autumn and with that a fading memory of happy families returned…

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First class Golf Course at Cape Cornwall!

24th July 2018

For enthusiastic golfers this cliff top location can only lead to a first class golfing experience – a cliff top golf course situated amidst spectacular scenery and offering excellent facilities. Situated on the very edge of the Atlantic Ocean and overlooking Cape Cornwall and Priest Cove with the Brisons  beyond – this course was designed…

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A great place to think and paint!

16th June 2018

June is having wonderful weather down here at Botallack and after the tremendously cold spell back in February, the plants seem to be working in overdrive to produce an abundance of new growth and colour in the garden. My painting studio has now mellowed into its’ place in the corner  – edged by dappling light…

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Our wonderful returning guests!!!

5th May 2018

We seem to have missed Spring!!!! I think the plant life was too shocked after the cold spell and decided to stay in their beds a bit longer than normal ….. but now the gardens are turning into a riot of fresh green …. complete with baby rabbits who find it plain sailing to jump…

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The East wind doth blow

28th February 2018

The snow has arrived on Botallack …. and wow has it arrived!! Snow in this area is really unusual and if we get any it is just a slight covering.  Today it arrived in style – taking the form of a blizzard; big snow flakes being tossed around in the coastal winds.  The shops in…

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Kenidjack Valley

6th February 2018

Kenidjack Valley (pronouced Keunyjek, means place abounding in firewood) is a steep-sided valley, 2o minutes coastal walk from Wintara B&B.  Today the valley is popular as part of the SWCP for hikers, photographers, painters and importantly well known in the bird watching fraternity. The Tregeseal River flows down the valley and discharges into the Atlantic Ocean just north of Cape…

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Paint brush working overtime!

8th January 2018

Wishing you all a happy and successful 2018! Wintara is waking up from its’ quiet winter slumbers …. apart that is from the intermittent storms and winds that have been hitting Cape Cornwall, straight off the Atlantic.  We have seen some amazing weather here – and have been glad of the wild sycamores surrounding the…

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29th August 2017

2017 so far has been a wonderful year for celebrations! At Wintara, we have been pleased to witness a marriage proposal;  have looked after  honeymoon couples, 40th and 50th Anniversary celebrations (as well as lots of smaller ones!), birthday celebrations, retirement celebrations,  friend reunion parties and charity race runners and cyclists! We work to give…

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What you will find us doing with any spare time!

30th July 2017

It is nearly impossible to live in this part of Cornwall and not to be drawn to the creative practices that we see all around! As a painter, I am enjoying putting the wonderful colours into my small images of plant life and the surrounding landscape. The blankets take on the same vibe – being…

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